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EXO CHANYEOL fairly certain this cute playful kid is EXO39s

EXO CHANYEOL fairly certain this cute playful kid is EXO39s


Exo - Chanyeol "What chu lookin at?

look at his cute little dimple! awwhhh!!!

lost stars

Chanyeol, the cute wolf.

Omo his eyes

Exo - Chanyeol

Imagem de exo, chanyeol, and kpop

Chanyeol | 150530-31 The EXO'luXion in Shanghai

Image result for kyungsoo meme | EXO KAI SUHO CHANYEOL | Pinterest | Meme, Exo and Exo kai

[140712] Chanyeol (EXO) New Overdose Postcard (Scan) by OliV_xoxo [1]



Chanyeol oppa


Chanyeol and Kai | Ivy Club #TBT

tumblr_mtgk1qbZj61qde8rwo1_500.png (500×750). HockeyPark ChanyeolBaekhyunTaoBoysBaby BoysChildrenIce ...

tumblr_o872qcqjGr1tml5fdo1_500.jpg (466×750)

Minho and Kyungsoo on New Years!!


☆EXO Chanyeol☆Sehun

Kai. Exo KaiBaekhyun Chanyeol

~{EXO's Chanyeol}~ #Chanyeol #ParkChanyeol #EXOK #EXO

D.O. And Chanyeol EXO-K

EXO @ Suwon Kpop Concert 160618

Park Chanyeol

Awwww this is sooo adorable #SuLay

Park Chanyeol Exo, Wallpaper, Kpop, Wallpaper Desktop, Tapestry, Wallpapers, Wall Decal

EXO | Chanyeol & Lay ♡ EXOPLANET #2 The EXO'luXion #EXO #

Universes Unknown - romance alternateuniverse exo hunhan baekyeol kaisoo sulay - Kim Junmyeon, Zhang Yixing

#wattpad #fanfic ¿Se imaginan cómo serían los chats del KaiSoo y sus peleas

minblush: ““Jimin's disarming smile works on absolutely everyone ” ”


180602-03 #EXO #CHANYEOL @ElyXiOn in HongKong

Idols have a specific image they like to maintain and not all of them are playful, but BTS will forever have a place in their fans' hearts .

[Video] Added Korean Drama 'Laughter in Waikiki' Final Episode 20

kaneki ken | tokyo ghoul

Channie, stop trolling <3 #exo #chanyeol #kpop

In this outfit, Chanyeol and Sehun held Jongdae's arms and Jongin and Kyungsoo Jongdae's legs and tossed him into the water

VIXX Ravi --- Kratos ~ The Closer


Someone posted this a while back which illustrates it fairly well. Having a youthful look is pretty essential for female idols in Korea.


Probably among the best family dramas Asia has to offer this year, "Last Child" presents a truly shuttering story, where layers of drama are placed atop one ...

'Exo Next Door' was cute but I was really rooting for DO. When

He's also the nerdy boy on AOA's japanese MV Oh Boy!. He's the most serious of the group. He's 23, almost 24, ...



The picture could almost pass for a Selca, if anyone was brave enough to take a Selca of their mullet disaster hairstyle. Jihoon tries to look without ...

Minseok, a mafia boss, meets you at a club. Bases on this post!

Find this Pin and more on S.khan by GUFRAN ANSARI.

This picture left me SHOOK

Yo Na (played by Ji Sung, top) finds her 'oppa' (played by Park Seo Joon) in 'Kill Me, Heal Me'

He is so fucking adorable 😫💕👅🔥💦


Cute #kitten!

look at one of his ear sticking out from the rudolph hat!! 😻💓💞💝💖💗💘💕 it's so cute!!!! 😣😣😣💓💓💓💓

I used to have a kitty like this when I was a kid.

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Park Bom!

Baekhyun wants a a cute girlie girl and he wants her to be smaller than him. He'd probably feel the most comfortable if she was wearing heels and he still ...

¡La guerra comienza aquí! Pasivas: Byun BaekHyun, Lu Han, Kim Minseok

Beagle naptime - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Overall ...

Dog: Beagles “The image of these cute Beagle puppies was taken during a photo shoot for the kennel "Keturi Varomi” (in English it means 4-wheel drive) in ...

this man,,,,,makes me,,,,,, want to c r y

If you don't know who LU:KUS is, they're a fairly new boy group. I only found out about them because I listen to this Kpop 2012-2014 playlist on Youtube and ...


fotos de park shin hye y yoon shi yong bella solitaria - Buscar con Google

During an interview event in which the EXO members were talking about love, Chanyeol showed his support by saying that 'love isn't just something between a ...

>>Member: Kim Woojin (stray kids)

Daisy & Patches kitten cat cats cute aww omg sees you

hey there totally not a taeil fan have fun suffering ;)

This is so cute. A picture of two baby kittens.

.cutest kitten ever but not cuter thatn mine

I remember as a child having a Himalayan kitten but Mateese got sick and had to be put down. So cute - She kinda looks like baby Chloe.

the kitten is stuck aw

Flower Boy Next Door {Korean Drama} (Yoon Si Yoon, Park Shin Hye

It is so cute who would'nt want a sweet little furry fuzzy cute cat or kitten like this one? Kiss me sugar lips!

Minsu Nae Yeon ♛ Park Chanyeol — 18 — homosexual — kpop star - Very sweet, very kind boy in a kpop band - traveling the U.S rn putting on shows, ...

you have no idea how grateful I am for the fact that this boy was 18 at debut.

but what is this adorable kitten praying for? Why does it pray? And will its sweet kitty prayer be answered? I'm guessing it's praying to be on your ...

cute cat, follow the pic for more


Love Cool how them together makes a shape of a Heart. These kitties are so cute, & how the form a heart in the picture is just. I LOVE this pic!

Your Already the Voice Inside My Head

Cute White Kittens in a Basket by latestnewsfromindia24 on 500px

muna's kpop imagines!

Kids with AB Duplicates :)

[ IMG]

Boys and Twinks. #Guy #Men #young #thinksexual #twink #boy

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