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Hunter x Hunter Friendship t

Hunter x Hunter Friendship t


[AMV] Hunter x Hunter - Best Friend (Gon and Killua) - YouTube

Hunter x Hunter quote (Killua) - .because they can't ever tell whether I'm serious or not.

Hunter X Hunter anime. Killua and Gon's friendship! | Hunter X Hunter | Pinterest | Friendship, Anime and Manga

The reason to become a Hunter. Hunter x Hunter Killuas reason=the fealz

Killua Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter. See more. Killua is SUCH a sweetheart!! But um, don't let that adorable

Hunter x hunter - I love Gon and Killua! Who doesn't? Episode 93 peeps... Episode 93... I've still got the feels DX

Gon Freecss & Killua Zoldyck Hunter x Hunter Credits to the owner of the picture, I don't own the pic~

Hunter X Hunter Quote


... never say thanks to my friends.

Killua: I don't deserve friends.

Killua and Gon - Hunter x Hunter This is hectic friendship goals.

... the worst possible misunderstanding.

11:39 - Using what I have, see what I can deduce… This stuff's great. Hunter x ...

Just Friends? ▸ Killua x Reader [Hunter x Hunter]

Here's ◊ some evidence .

By this point about 20 people remain and after drawing their targets the group finds they won't be targeting each other.

Killua! I'll protect you!

So today we are looking at that original series known just as Hunter x Hunter but I need to put the year just to not make any confusion. Let's start.

Hunter x Hunter

That group ...

Hunter X Hunter - Gon and Killua-best friends :) these 2 are my

『HxH Boyfriend Scenarios』 - "Got it Wrong" (Fei X Reader)

If he was upset because his father had avoided him for his entire life and never even visited him in the hospital, he didn't betray it ...

They see something of themselves in another, and you can't reflect on yourself without somehow changing in the process. Hunter x Hunter

Gon is Hunter x Hunter's Shounen Hero. Upbeat, headstrong, immensely loyal to his friends. For most of the series' length, his passion lends strength to ...

A Friendship Between Four Hunters

Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 146

Ultimately, it depends on the person who is watching the show.

Hunter x Hunter

Mommy Hisoka [A Hunter X Hunter Fanfic]

Hunter x Hunter - TOP 10 Things You Didn't Notice: Chimera Ant Arc

The animators remembered Pitou broke his arm.

"A killer doesn't need any friends."

Read Hunter x Hunter 36 Online For Free in English: 36 - page 15 - Manga Eden

Hunter x Hunter

The readaptation of Hunter x Hunter has become one of the most popular and critically acclaimed anime of this decade. Image provided by youtube.com

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The first time I ever watched hunter x hunter My eyes were glued to the screen. I enjoyed every single second of HxH, but what I adored the most was how ...

When the little ant-girl goes home to her mum and her mum recognises her ;_; So bittersweet. I might have even cried if someone wasn't making noise in the ...

Friends? What about me?

Killua Zoldyck Quotes | Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Back to Hunter X Hunter, Gon does seem to be in a pinch atm against Hanzo being completely overpowered. I get the feeling that Hisoka is going to purposely ...


Just ◊ look ◊.

This is going to be a long explanation so bear with me. Naruto is better for a few reasons. Don't get me wrong, Hunter X Hunter 2011 IS my 2nd favorite ...

A Vampire But Not A Vampire Hunter (Hunter X Hunter Kurapika or Killua x oc

... liked the sharp personality this new Kite portrayed in their brief scene, so I guess we can count that as another character I'll be sad we won' t get to ...

So first let's start out with one of my closest friends on this amino Leorio! I couldn't think of something better to give him than a box of money!

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter excels in one of the core variables that defines action and sports shows - executing on conflicts in ways that allow the audience to ...

[Rewatch] Hunter x Hunter (2011) - Episode 24 Discussion [Spoilers] : anime

Hunter x Hunter does boast an intriguing cast of versatile characters, but the best of them are aggressively pushed aside. Gon and Killua's developing ...

Hunter x Hunter

Anime Quotes About Friendship Entrancing Hunter X Hunter Quotes About Friendship Hunter Quotes Tumblrx


HUNTER X HUNTER (2011) 【FANDUB】Episode 37, Killua and Gon Scene 【Milki VA】 - YouTube

Hunter x Hunter vs My Hero Academia: Which Is Better?

Hunter x Hunter

Killua: Hunter X Hunter

I'm a fool for pretty art and I fell in love with the 2011 art of Hunter x Hunter. His eyes are drawn larger and cat-like with his white hair even more ...

Puppy eyes, it can't be helped.

anime, christmas, and friendship image

Hunter X Hunter – 361

So cute >. <

Killua tells him everything and is beaming when he talks about his bestest best friend Gon.

Classic Anime Binge: Hunter x Hunter Season 1 Part 2

Hunter x Hunter - Expectations for the Dark Continent Arc (Part 1) - YouTube

HUNTER X HUNTER by Aienm ...

Bisuit Kruger, Bisuit Kruger, Bisuit Kruger (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter ...

Hunter x Hunter is coming back!

This would look epic, if it didn't looks so silly.

Hisoka, Illumi and Kuroro by Adorael ...

... with Knuckle as he watched his friend slowly dying. When Knuckle reacted with shock at the realization that only ten seconds had passed, I did too.

From backdrops and character designs to intense action sequences, the animation of Hunter x Hunter far surpasses almost all competition.

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How 'Hunter x Hunter' Reinvents The Typical Shounen Formula

Though this show can obviously pull off a well-animated spectacle when it wants to, it's all grounded in this - setting up the variables, setting up the ...

Hunter x Hunter ...

Gon: "You should be by my side."