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Mandelbrot Buddha Mandelbrot Set t Buddha

Mandelbrot Buddha Mandelbrot Set t Buddha


Maximum iterations: 1,000

When the M-set is given a number representing a point and the number is iterated through the equation, one of two things happen: either the ...

In Buddhism, the ultimate truth is that all is emptiness. Nothing exists on its own side. Everything is in relation with everything.

http://www.olympus.net/personal/dewey/mandelbrot.html. "

by Melinda Green


http://www.olympus.net/personal/dewey/mandelbrot.html. "

Buddhabrot fractal method - an alternative method of displaying Mandelbrot sets

Buddhism as Practice of Desire: On Non-Dualism and Nirvana. Mandelbrot Buddha: ...

The #Buddhabrot is an interesting #mandelbrot rendering technique discovered by…


Patterns of Visual Math - Mandelbulb & 3D Fractals

The Unravelling of the Real Mandelbrot Fractal

http://www.olympus.net/personal/dewey/mandelbrot.html. "

Mandelbrot set - Google Search

Each of these crowns consists of similar "seahorse tails"; their number increases with powers of 2, a typical phenomenon in the environment of satellites.

Standard Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot set

Mandelbrot Set Seahorse - A glimpse into the infinite nature of the universe; order in

1:27 AM - 24 May 2018

The Mandelbrot Set -

The dark side of the Mandelbrot set

Rendering Buddhabrot - Mandelbrot set


Exploration of the 4D mandelbrot set on the Z-plane (Buddhabrot) - YouTube

enter image description here

Mandelbrot Set Zoom

Fractal Zoom - Has Science Discovered Buddha Blue Print?

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Satellite. The two "seahorse tails" are the beginning of a series of concentric crowns with the satellite in the center.

Under the Bodhi Tree: An exploration of the 4D Buddhabrot fractal

In the outer part of the appendices, islands of structures may be recognized; they have a shape like Julia sets Jc; the largest of them may be found in the ...

thai temple.jpg ...

Double-spirals with satellites of second order – analogously to the "seahorses", the double-spirals may be interpreted as a metamorphosis of the "antenna"


mandelbrot fractal

Buddhabrot Grand Tour

"Seahorse" upside down

A Mandelbrot set zoom image created in a fractal generating program

The Cosmos Totally Looks Like A Fractal

4K Deep Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation (UHD)

"Antenna" of the satellite. Several satellites of second order may be recognized.

Magnet Julia

Life Design

What you posted reminds me of the Mandelbrot set. In many circles it's called the God equation and kind of looks like Buddha sideways, lol.

... rendering technique related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its pareidolic resemblance to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, ...

Fractal Poster featuring the digital art Buddhabrot - Fractal Buddha by Miroslav Nemecek

Alex Boswell found an almost magical way to vastly speed the renderingof highly zoomed regions.

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... is a fractal rendering technique related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its uncanny resemblance to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, ...


... technique related to the Mandelbrot set. Its name reflects its uncanny resemblance to classical depictions of Gautama Buddha, seated in a meditation ...

Some suggest Buddha is really the Mandelbrot archetype visualized during deep meditation. Read More.


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Buddhabrot fractal exploration (based on Mandelbrot set)

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Imaginary 3 dimensional Mandelbrot set

Mandelbrot set with continuously colored environment. Gap between the "head" and the "body", also called the "seahorse valley"

Fractals ...

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4D Mandelbrot set rotation

The central endpoint of the "seahorse tail" is also a Misiurewicz point.

Video Thumbnail

Fractal - Men's ...

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Relation to the logistic map[edit]

The Infinite Fractal


mandelbrot set fractals


Is the fat buddha really a Mandelbrot My dmt trip part 4

Mandelbrot Astrophyton ...

"Transcoding Infinity" - A Fractal Journey - Mandelbrot Zoom - YouTube

File:Progressive infinite iterations of the 'Nautilus' section of the Mandelbrot ...

mandelbrot set

This colorful section of the Mandelbrot set (fractal) is computer generated and shows a

Dear Quote Investigator: When you interpret a visual scene your grasp is limited by your knowledge and preconceptions. The eye can only see what it is ...

Dots on mandelbrot set

Little Buddha in Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom Mirror of Infinity. Meditation and Focusing.

http://www.olympus.net/personal/dewey/mandelbrot.html. "

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NEWONE (Psychedelic visuals, fractals Zoom)

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Mandelbrot Set

A mandelbrot set with new bailout settings:

Post Page

Fractal - Mandelbrot set: Self-similarity illustrated by image enlargements. This panel,

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Fractal Mind

Benoit Mandelbrot Breaks Air by LMarkoya

Violet Mandelbrot set abstract fractal illustration useful as a background vintage retro colours