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Speedball for the Commodore Amiga character selection screen I

Speedball for the Commodore Amiga character selection screen I


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Commodore Amiga

Title screen of Speedball on the Commodore Amiga.

27. Sabre Team (1992)

50. Resolution 101 (1990)

Speedball - Amiga 500

Gauntlet II (Commodore Amiga)

Although way behind IBM and Apple PCs in the general popularity stakes, the range of Amiga computers from Commodore have long proved popular for animation ...

49. Alcatraz (1992)

40. Shadowlands (1992)

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Sensible Soccer (Commodore Amiga)

44. Infestation (1990)

45. Citadel (1995)

Speedball 2, as stories go, is a bit lacking but there aren't many futuristic “throw a steel ball at your opponent's face” sport games around and so what ...

Even with the pitch only being one screen wide, the original Speedball (left) looks and feels a bit sparse against Speedball 2

The Commodore Amiga had hundreds of wonderful games - including these 50, that slipped under the radar for many.

Speedball 2 Amiga Screenshots - Google Search

The Amiga 500 (1987)


The Commodore Amiga had many wonderful titles that you may remember, but here are 50 great games you might not recognize!

Commodore Amiga 2000 (C)

A.M.T. - Speedball 2 : Title Music [Brutal Deluxe] [Imagework] [1990]

Commodore Amiga

Speedball 2 Amiga Screenshots - Google Search

Sim City boxed game Commodore Amiga

Speedball for the Commodore Amiga. I loved this game, which introduced me to the fabulous pixel art style of Mark Coleman.

Amiga 3000 built on the success of A2000 but was entirely reworked and rethought as a

Video game

Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium

Speedball 2

The title has been ported to numerous formats over the past few decades, but none have managed to capture the magic of the Amiga original.

Commodore MMF 9000 (SuperPET 9000)

Fortunately, for cartoon style animation, far less colours are really needed (perhaps 8, 16 or 32), meaning that full speed can be achieved.

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Cave Story has been available for AmigaOS 4.x and AmigaOne computers(by Johan Samuelsson), but Commodore Amiga 68k users will soon be able to play this ...

Selection screen complete with obligatory 4 channel mod bliss.


TouchArcade reveals a first hands-on with an upcoming Commodore Amiga emulator from mobile developer Manomio. Manomio is the developer behind the Commodore ...

Walker, a fast-paced shoot 'em up which puts you in control of a 30-foot human killing machine code-named the AG-9. Looking like a cross between ED-209 from ...

An Amiga 1200 connected to a TV

Commodore 3032 - Sharp MZ80k

SIGI, A Fart for Melusina, New Retro Platformer for iOS

Why the Amiga 500 was the greatest computer ever made

41. Blob (1993)

Commodore Amiga 500 Keyboards Join & Fix

I sort of like the half-height keys on my Logitech K120. After having typed on a flat iMac keyboard for many years, I can't quite cope with the travel ...

Xenon 2

Having freed yourself from the service of the Beast Lord, you enjoy a moment of triumph. Your monstrous Beast Messenger form is gone and your human body has ...


Greed is the driving force behind this game, but then it has always been high on the cast list in a game where the rewards of success are fortune and ...

How the Commodore Amiga helped influence a generation of Developers to take Video Gaming to a

Defender of the Crown is a strategy game somewhat like Risk. You play the role of an inexperienced lord of a small territory in feudal England.

6. Cannon Fodder

... Lumberjack Reloaded released for Commodore Amiga

Speedball 2100

Speedball 2 Characters - Google Search

Amiga_CommpendiumBook_PDF-132 Commodore ...

Instantly I was really impressed by the graphics for Tiger Claw - even if your main character is very small this makes the game playing area feel bigger as ...

My tiny brain still hasn't recovered from how far back it was blown. Happy Anniversary Amiga!

The iron-curtain has fallen and the Russian Bear is now to be found wearing designer jeans and guzzling Coke. Burger bars are sprouting in Red Square and ...

... Video: How to set up Amiga in RetroX using the Nvidia shield or any Android

The C64 Mini review – the 80's best-selling home computer returns

Trevor's Amiga Blog created for Amigans on the AmigaONE X1000, X5000 & now the A1222


Amiga Christmas Crackers - A very festive unofficial Amiga CD32 release!

Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe.jpg

... Commodore Amiga development system for sale on Ebay

Steep learning curve … the original Commodore 64 sold in millions in the 1980s.

Graphical Comparisons


Companies often try to work shoot 'em ups in with strategy – most of the time this fails. Narco Police, however, manages to combine the most popular styles ...

Still is. It still lives:

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Further hardware variants would appear – including the A500+, A600 and A1200 – but it would be the standard A500 edition which confirmed the brand's status ...

A free to download Magazine dedicated to Commodore computers.

20150527_113853_8_bestshot 20150527_113649_8_bestshot 20150527_114343_3_bestshot 20150527_113532_8_bestshot 20150527_114100_1_bestshot ...

To target the the home entertainment market the CDTV was essentially an Amiga 500 home computer in a Hi-Fi style case with a single-speed CD-ROM drive and ...

Aquarius Things - Commodore 4032 (FAT 40)

Testing Game

01. Commodore ...

Page 1


Dual screen Amiga 1200. Indivision output on the left. Standard RGB output from the


Commodore CD32 and games

Mortal Kombat was released on Commodore Amiga in 1992 and immediately caused a sensation. The game featured the afformentioned fatalities, which allowed you ...

When a system has a keyboard and mouse like the Amiga, the need for tons of buttons somewhat diminishes. Still, double D-pad would be nice for Robotron 2084 ...

There she is on my 'cool back in the 80's' black desk with external disk drive sitting to the right of the TV screen. Would you believe, that matching black ...

The Chaos Engine: Commodore Amiga

Commodore Amiga

Commodore PET 700

The energy bars for the active player is shown at the bottom of the screen.

Notable Amiga Games