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Studies at American Headache Society Meeting show promise in

Studies at American Headache Society Meeting show promise in


Drugs Targeting CGRP Show Promise in Migraine

The latest scientific and clinical information on headache and migraine was presented at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society ...

Too Many Patients With Migraine Receiving Opioids, Barbiturates

American headache society meeting

New Data on CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies for Migraine Prevention

While still not perfect, patients in the program received the recommended medications about three quarters of the time. Patients who went to a local doctor ...

New Migraine Drugs that Target CGRP Show Promise in Recent Studies

Upcoming American Headache Society Events

Migraine Patients Skip Triptans in 40% of Attacks

The mechanisms underlying allodynia are thought to be associated with peripheral sensitization of meningeal nociceptors or

Headache Journal

The latest scientific and clinical information on headache and migraine was presented at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society ...

7 Alternatives for Natural Migraine Relief and Prevention

Muscular Dystrophy Drug to Cost $89,000, and More

”The potential of these new compounds is enormous and gives us real hope that effective specific treatments for migraine may be on the near horizon,” Dr. ...

cgrp migraine

Biohaven Pharma's New Migraine Drug Shows Promise in Late-Stage Test Results

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February 2018

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Criteria for Transformed Migraine and Medication-Overuse Headache.

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Degenerative Disc Patients Significantly Improve with USRM's Adipocell TM Chief Scientific Officer to Present Data at IFATS


Highlights of the AHS 2016 Conference

Two interesting studies are being reported at the ongoing annual scientific meeting of the American Headache Society (AHS) in Boston.

Preventive Medications Used in Cases of Transformed Migraine or Medication-Overuse Headache.

The value of the CGRP class is its potential to significantly reduce migraines for a reasonable number of patients, points out Alan Rapoport, MD, ...

Headache - Causes for Concern

Association of rhinitis subtypes with headache frequency and MIDAS disability categories among persons

Table 1: Level of recommendations of various treatment options in cluster headache

New Drug for Migraines Approved by FDA

between, they have no symptoms.

EvercoreISI's Umer Raffat

Frames-of-Mind The American Migraine Foundation ...

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Official launch of new patient organization for headache disorders patients, American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA)

Whole brain effects of neurofeedback training. Credit: Radiological Society of North America

Eating ...

caloric vestibular stimulation migraine

Localiszation of pain-sensitive spots for subjects without headache, with headache

Brain Disorders 2017 Conference Proceedings

Summary of recommendations.

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Though the concept of migraine "food triggers" is thought to be less important

1 Flow chart of the study

Some Migraine Patients

Suggested Treatment of Transformed Migraine or Medication-Overuse Headache.


Principal Component Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Images to Determine White Matter Injury Patterns Underlying Postconcussive Headache | American Journal of ...

Vault nanoparticles show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure

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'Flesh-eating' bacteria: Florida's beaches are safe, say officials

Demographic, Injury, and Headache Data of Patients Receiving Occipital Nerve Block

Flow chart of 2008 AMPP Study allergy/rhinitis sample.

Odds ratios of increased headache frequency and headache-related disability by rhinitis

The results of a new study may start to change things. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists compared specific brain structures in migraine ...


Practical Neurology - Forward Thinking: Advances in Neurology (November/December 2017)

The American Migraine Foundation has just sent a letter about their plans for next year, and I'd like to share that letter with you:

A ...

Sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of study population.

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Amaal Starling, MD. Assistant Professor of Neurology

Clinical Findings in 14 Cases of Nonspecific Alphaviral Illness in Humans in Panama, 2010.

Other Types of Primary Chronic Daily Headache.

23 - Issue 2 by EUROTIMES - issuu

Figure 2: Overall distribution of P-values. The figure shows the distribution of

Will Emgality Bring New Hope for Cluster Headache and Migraine?

2 Overview of the studies in non-headache pain included in each category

American Headache Society Evidence Assessment The Acute Treatment of Migraine in Adults: The American Headache


Headache Migraine @headachepolicy

Suggested Treatment of Transformed Migraine or Medication-Overuse Headache.

The Joint Commission, American Heart Association/American Stroke Association announce new thrombectomy certification

Severe Migraine Leaves English Woman with Chinese Accent - Headache News -

How Wagner's operas held secrets of his disabling migrAines and headAches

IMAGE: Dr. Gillian Hotz, professor of neurological surgery, and director of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center at The Miami Project and the University of Miami ...

Safety Outcomes Recorded during 90 Days of Follow-up.

Researchers at Ohio State University, USA, say deep brain stimulation from a device similar

Theme: New Horizons and Global Perspectives in Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

Brains of Children with ADHD Show Protein Deficiency

Direct emulsion autoradiography of the in situ hybridization shows that (A