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Tamagotchi Plus Series Now In Color Want I promise ill

Tamagotchi Plus Series Now In Color Want I promise ill


Tamagotchi Plus color TMGC+C Bandai Rose - Pink

Tamagotchi Plus color Exile Bandai blanc - white

Tamagotchi Plus Series – Now In Color! Want! I promise ill remember to feed

I chose white because any other color would have washed out the bright colors on the screen; don't you agree? So anyway, I'll be blogging heavily on this ...

Tamagotchi Plus color Bandai blanc - white

Tamagotchi Plus color Bandai Jaune - Yellow

I purchased it brand new for under $60 total, in my favorite color, and it only took 2 weeks to get here with SAL shipping. I was so tempted to open up ...

He should be evolving into an adult tomorrow. I've been taking good care of him and his training bar is full, so I'm expecting him to become an above ...

Even though I haven't put a new battery in my green Tamagotchi P, I just wanted it so bad! I like the color combo and can't ...

Amazon: Tamagotchi Toys Only $15.52 – Pre-Order Now (Flash Back to the 1990's!) – Hip2Save

In this post i will be uploading any tamagotchi+color-related images that I may come across while surfing the net. So here goes:

The shell seems to be a pink recolor of a light blue V1 shell, the background has numbers, and it obviously doesn't say Tamagotchi anywhere.

Bandai - Chibi Tamagotchi - Front_Zoom

... but my v3 will definitely be staying home on pause! i'm not sure how long this will last, but as long as i'm not too busy i will be updating everyday!

Little Leon joined me on the trip, as he wanted to observe how the post was distributed in different parts of the country. He stopped off for some tasty ...

Hashizotchi has always been a favourite of mine design-wise, but I have never had the pleasure of getting him on my Tamagotchis. Now that I do, ...


Tamagotchi's are back


I've been moving (again!) and haven't had access to my Tamagotchi or a work space so I haven't been as diligent at updating. OTL Sorry!

Bandai TAMAGOTCHI 4U + Light Purple

And, as you can see, the two versions can connect with each other. Characters which are not available on either version appear as Nazotchi which is the ...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Speaking of which, not much has been happening with Brynn, he has mostly been keeping to himself and being a very well-behaved boy.


Sorry about the blurry image. For some reason I couldn't get the close-up animation no matter how many times I pressed the C Button, so this was the best ...

My Kawaii & Nerdy life blog tamasenshiaya tamagotchi connection v4 tamamail

The price will vary depending on what you want on the shoes, how much paint will be used, plus the time I will spend making the shoes.

Sadly I didn't know you had to praise in order for her to obtain the potty one. I am now more determined then ever for next Gen to be set!

Sorry for the short post but I've only been using this Tamagotchi for the last couple of hours so I still need to become familiar with the whole thing.

I have to admit, I am a bit confused by how the care works on this. I gave him what I consider 'good care'- just like in all of other Tamagotchis (which ...

I will put the OsuMetchi up later!

Posted Image

Watawatatchi gave us a gift and I changed Genji's colour for fun. In the end, I settled with red, although it looks more brown.

So, using the order that I got them in, I'll be showing you each and everything in my Tamagotchi collection!

New color, Pre-order >>> DIGITAL MONSTER VER.20TH NEW COLOR 3 OF SET

... monkey :P I'm not sure if I had got this little guy on my Tamagotchi + Color...I'll have to check my earlier posts. I took a couple of pictures of him:

2 Tamagotchi MIX Stations at Tama Depa Harajuku

Tamagotchi Music Star - V6


Posted Image

Tamagotchi Collection Part 1 - A few colored and non colored tamagotchi as well as other

Mimi-Chotchi, The Cutest Tamagotchi in my M!X

Tamagotchi Plus White yellow Bandai 2004 Japan V1

Noveto Sowlo Virtual Headphones — Maybe you just want a headset which doesn't actually exist. That wacky idea is possible with Noveto Sowlo, a soundbar that ...

I came across the UraTama with roses for 45$ on ebay! ♥ It's one of my favorite designs and matches my other UraTama perfectly *o* The v4.5 is my favorite ...

And his little Colored friend. :3 I hatched her months ago, and then the battery died. D:

It's really like the tamagotchi I had when I was younger!!!! Just feed and clean its shit lol... anyway as you can tell from the pic above, my tamagotchi ...


I decided to buy another Tamagotchi and I saw a great deal at eBay! I want an original Tamagotchi, you know the old-fashioned 1997 ones.

introducing... google translate mametchis #doodle #tamagotchi #mametchi #art #

Tamagotchi Doodlewash

Free Fire on Phoenix OS My Tamagotchi Forever on Phoenix OS


Tamagotchi M!X at Tamagotchi Department Store Harajuku, Tokyo

We still need to edit, color correct, find a composer, do the stop motion animation, and more.


Hatchimals (pictured). They are at the top of almost every young child's Christmas

I am planning a Tamagotchi sale for after Christmas! Some of the ones I own I have yet to feel the need to open or I have two of them… sometimes a ...

Dream m!x version has 2 colors; pink & blue. They were on display with all the other Tamagotchi m!x.

Familitchi, V5 or Famitama...call it whatever you want, It's finally here in both Europe and America (As well as Japan obviously). Familitchi is the latest ...

Let the Tamagotchi craze consume you once again with My Tamagotchi Forever

DoKomi loot Instagram version. Last weekend was one of the best of my life!

Color BlastAR on ARKit…What Have We Learned So Far?

Tamagotchi + Color ...

@c_jane_flyyy can't wait to gift you your first color tamagotchi. This is the best model there is. I swear.

If you want to score the dokiWatch, you're in luck. The company will be holding an Indiegogo Flash Sale from June 5 at 12am for a period of 48 hours.

The magnetic base.

Tamagotchi's are back (Image: Bandai)

As promised here is another 3D image I created: Gozarutchi!! You'll find this character on the Familitchi / Tamagotchi V5 as well...actually there's a whole ...

Digital-Virtual-Reality-Pet, Tamagotchi Electronic Pets Toys Dinosaur Egg for Kids (1x pcs Random Color)

New TAMAGOTCHI 4U + Sky Blue from japan F/S

I don't actually like the color Yellow that much, but they are sure

closed for nowSELLING THESE FOR $10 EACH : D SLOTS: 1- tamagotchi 2- tamagotchi 3- tamagotchi 4- tamagotchi 5- tamagotchi 6- tamagotchi 7- tamagotchi


Spacytchi is also a limited character in Dream m!x version, too.

Can you see? Their designs are so sparkly!

1; 2

#22. Very punny, mom!

A Tamagotchi. Need I say more? Plus the $30 perk and above!

I have slowed WAY down on buying Tamas and so behind on the Japanese tamas.

Computers and Laptops, Geek Stuff

tamagotchi yellow series 4, no working batteries, still works well

Image is loading Toys-039-R-Us-Limited-Tamagotchi-m-X-Sanrio-

A change of clothes for my bambina, tissue, wet wipes, the activity book I was referring to earlier, my Tamagotchi, facial mist, facial wash and tinted ...


Tamagotchi Collection Part 2 - Colored tamagotchi, including Rilakkuma Virtual Pet (my most prized

Lenovo Phab 2 Plus now only PhP 6,995 via Lazada

Celebration at Tamagotchi Store Tokyo

As promised in last night's vlog, I will be working on some ideas for the theme nights for those of you who are struggling to come up with something or just ...

Before there was iPads and iPhone 7's there were floppy disks, cassette players and tamagotchis

Twisty Color

A box of Osechi – Kuchipatchi, please draw mine!

And there are rumors that Ryan Reynold or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might play the role of Pikachu. Yes…..this is currently a thing that ...

Rocobo, Takara Tomy's tiny "Tamagotchi on Steroids" is taking Tokyo by storm... and the wider world awaits. OK, don't get excited... but if you do, ...