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Anyfin for my cute bro Family t Homestuck Cosplay and

Anyfin for my cute bro Family t Homestuck Cosplay and


Fanon dave and bro vs canon dave and bro < Dave and bro Strider - Idk why this makes me sad but sense it does just run my feels over with a truck

dirk and baby dave so cute! <--- You have no business having those cute baby sideburns.

I don't ship Davekat but this is funny

Dave is a hero wait to make that quote even more heartbreaking by applying it to TWO of my fandoms < < ow.

We have found bro strider ยท Homestuck FamilyHomestuck ...

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Hussie is Goat Dad.i just think its somewhat cute < < < Hussie is a shit father, and is terrible at caring for his child.

Baby Dave Strider with his.

Nuu not the smuppets! love how they are just glaring at each other like Dave: you wouldn't dare. Bro: oh I would

More Strider love with big bro Dave

Dude, of course Dave would be Little Miss Texas, he's a Strider

Dave strider (Beatdown: trigger style) strider Vantas < wait people actually think Dave is an idiot?

Dirk would be like "dave you're going" Dave: bro Dirk: you gotta be famous Dave: .

Humanstuck family issues.

I don't read homestuck but that was the best wrekt ever XD

Why is Karkat playing a cute little xylophone omg// To commemorate the hemovariety of. Homestuck ...

Homestuck - Dirk Strider x Jake English - DirkJake

homestuck Dave Strider cosplay bro strider Dirk Strider sakuracon BRO HUGS

My heart hurts help

Homestuck- Dave Strider < < <

Meenah and Feferi cosplay--- I wish my sister like homestuck but she hates most things I like

I don't care if I've pinned this before, Striders being Striders are just so funny. < < i can see this happening wheni join the rift cafe except doctor wolf ...

Warned you about those stairs bro < < < They have no arms so why do they need stairs? < < < but they do have arms,Hussie just chooses not to draw them and they ...

421 best Homestuck <3 images on Pinterest | Homestuck cosplay, Homestuck funny and Ha ha

Bro has got to be the freaking sweetest

dirk is the queen? eh royalty's always awkwardly inbred anyway. I'm sorry but I see bro strider and dirk strider as different people and that is bro strider

STRIDERS -- Homestuck this makes me sad cos bro was a total jerk to little dave :(

There is just something about the Strider brothers' dynamic that just makes me love them so much.

Cal understands the whole fuckin fangirling thing but bro you gotta chill, might hurt yourself dude. < < < < These two are the perfect friends and you can' t say ...

Dave:Bro put me down!! Bro: nope! me: aww brotherly love xD

Still my favorite DaveJohn homestuck comic

((Oh my goodness, this adorable letter Dave wrote to Bro.

Shoosh Karkat, Gamzee's trying to make up for the 6 sweeps of affection he almost never got.

Sometimes,you cannot just leave while having an extra hour earned at the ball pit XD

homestuck comic (upd8- 04.06.11)- i am not a hero by

After Bro brought Dave home, the first several months were... something of an adjustment.

((This is a cute DaveKat cosplay but then THERE'S ERIDAN AND HIS FACE IN THE BACKGROUND.))

Putting this in my Homestuck board, since I don't think it counts as Stridercest.

Aww Karkat don't be mean to Sollux. It's probably his first time eating Honey Combs.

Add the dog ears (keep away the feathers) and this could be my newest. Homestuck CuteHomestuck ...

My eridan my gamzee my Tavros my sollux my nepeta my karkat my vriska my terezi my kanaya my feferi my Equis my arida ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

More strider feels

I feel like this is the point where I should apologise for pinning so much Viria Homestuck fanart, but the thing is, I'm not really sorry, so who cares.

Homestuck Family Tree - Start gathering all your extended family genealogy knowledge and get it online in an unbelievable program, so your relatives and ...

Bro and Davesprite.so many Davesprites.

Hah well I haven't been in this board in ages :D Homestuck is wrapping up, here's Daves and and a beheaded Dirk.

no, you gotta listen to his sweet rap guys

Gravitystuck Rose, Dave, and Dirk / Bro

homestuck shite It looks terrible I know my feelings have been gushed because of the guardians

This is the perfect example for Nepeta. She is the Ship Queen, hands down, no questions asked. and Omf i so ship solnep

*cough* dave sounds like what ive done before *couGH* whoops ill go get a cough drop for that

Striders -- Maybe I'm just too used to Bro, but Dave looks damn cool.

Tavs, I love you bro XD

Homestuck- Strider Brothers. XD

Homestuck - Dirk Strider x Jake English - DirkJake

'stupid headshots but I don't have time for anything else technically I don

Tribalstuck, probably one of my favorite AUs

Here is an Idea for the Seer of Squiddle. What if that God Tier was to learn and use the knowledge obtained from the Furthest Ring?

Tags: Anime, Fanart, Homestuck, Dave Strider, Dirk Strider Are you stuck in your shirt?

Dave Strider bro strider bro sadstuck brodave

Fuck it's like my story as a Homestuck except I don't have a bro to talk to about anything. I'm sure lots of ppl relate to it ...

Fuck it's like my story as a Homestuck except I don

homestuck sagittarius - Google Search, thiful thing is is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen

Don't forget: genetically speaking, Bro Strider is Rose's dad. Oh my

Dave , yo-your shirt Dave

the title says it all.

Silly karkat, the cone is awesome.

Excuse me while I die from the sheer adorableness of this picture. Not that I. Bro StriderDave Strider CosplayStridersHappy BirthdayBrotherHomestuck ...

I wish Bro was my guardian < < Bro emotionally and physically abused Dave, why the fuck would you want him as a guardian?

EVERYBODY would be that happy to be touching Dirk Strider damn that is a fine < < < < < < < < TBH Not even in the Homestuck fandom (Cant get my hands on anything ...

DAVE: bro what are you doing- BRO: Let it the f**k go, Little Man.

The Homestuck fandom is an amazing thing. :) please excuse the foul language

homestuck, there is no inbetween < < true

homestuck - Google Search

You, sir, are going to kill me, Bro Strider cosplayer. Bro StriderHomestuck CosplayAnime ...

Homestuck:: Remember that. by *Shilloshilloh on deviantART AHHH NOOOO *CRIES* here. A beautiful Sadstuck moment

Bro Strider selling yaoi. This has got to be the best picture i have ever ยท Homestuck FamilyHomestuck ...

homestuck, sadstuck. Homestuck ComicHomestuck TrollsHomestuck FamilyHomestuck CosplayRegina SpektorStridersMy ...

Baby Dave and Bro Strider

The Striders are a sword family.

89 best stridrrcest images on Pinterest | Striders, Bro strider and Fandom

The ....FEELS and that's why I'm sharing the pain with. Homestuck Dave Homestuck FunnyHomestuck CharactersHomestuck FamilyHomestuck TrollsBro ...

LOL homestuck Dave Strider bro strider bro Dirk Strider dirk < < < < < < < Dave would you please stop impersonating Equius? < < not ok bro.

DON'T PULL. Homestuck TrollsBro ...

Fuck it's like my story as a Homestuck except I don't have a bro to talk to about anything. I'm sure lots of ppl relate to it ...

I didn't think anything that included the words "John died" could bring me such happiness



I'm done having my heart torn out by this fandom < < <

Bro is a great parent

Striders by ikimaru -- Tags: Homestuck, Dave Strider, Bro Strider

Bahaha Dirks face in the panel (homestuck, strider bros)

Bro I think that was a little. Okay wayyyyy too much boose for you now go change your clothes your drenched form washing yourself.

The Strider Bros a. The Beat Kings

ftm Dave Strider from Homestuck this is so sweet // my headcanon tbh


Homestuck. Dirk and Dave: being ironic



Equius and Nepeta are the best. I might mention that the nepeta In the last panel looks demonic